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“Super Y helped me become a better defensive player.  My skills improved through Super Y.  I learned to move the ball around the field, drop and switch the field and to PLAY SMART!  It was one of my best soccer experiences”

-J.S. (Player)


"Kaizer thought it was very fun, enjoyed the travel and playing with a new coach.  He can’t wait for Florida and the Finals!"   

-Mike W.


"Super Y was a fun experience!  My son really liked keeping his skills up during the summer and is super excited the team made nationals in Florida.❤️⚽️😊 " 



"We appreciated the affordability and value of the Super Y program which helped to keep them playing soccer through Summer until Fall training began.  It would be nice to see SCOR host games more frequently.  Coach did a great job of balancing and enhancing the talent available on the team.  Thanks for offering the program through SCOR and  for your time and talent in coaching.  Great results in the inaugural year!!  Looking forward to Florida!"



“The coaches challenges you and push you to higher levels. It kept me growing because I was practicing through the summer. Definitely recommend for people who haven’t done it!”

-C.D. (Player)


"Below are some of my comments about Super Y…

  •  We typically send our son to camp each summer.  This keeps him conditioned for a week.  We found that Super Y was a much better value for us because it kept him conditioned for 5 weeks at roughly the same cost.
  • We were nervous about “giving up our summer” for Super Y.  However,  the coaching staff did everything they could to play multiple games in a weekend to avoid return trips.  We found these weekends fun and enjoyable with family and friends.  There were always options to carpool for families who had alternative plans on these weekends.
  • The coaching was exceptional.  The kids improved their skills throughout the summer prepping them for the fall season.
  • If your son or daughter is serious about soccer, I would strongly recommend Super Y.
  • We are very proud of the 2005 boys for making it to Nationals in Florida… Go Meulensteen FC!

Thanks again for all you do for these Kids!"



"The Super Y experience with Meulensteen Method this summer has been fantastic.  We had an excellent coaching staff, quality competition within the league, and a fantastic group of players on our team.  This all helped our player with invaluable experience towards his development.”



"We have a really good team and I am looking forward to seeing them play again.   I'm really excited !!!!!😀"