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Meulensteen Partner Club

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SCOR is a proud partner club of Meulensteen North America.  We have worked hard to integrate this program into our club training curriculum for the past 3 years, and we have seen first hand the benefits that it provides to our players.  Our Meulensteen Method-trained coaches work to develop confident, creative players that can master their opponent in a 1v1 situation, understand how to read the game, and make a difference in a match.  Many of the values in the Meulensteen Method transfer to real life skills these young players will use for a lifetime.  Coaches who are trained in the Meulensteen Method (all of those on our coaching staff) learn about the 4 pieces necessary to develop a world class player-the Ages & Stages of player development, maximizing training sessions, creating a positive training environment, how to train technique, and the value of repetition.

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